Non-GMO 100%

pure soybean oil

Genuine Resources LLC. only supplies cold-pressed soyabean oil originating in the United States; all soybean come from the central and northeastern regions, including Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, and Ohio. Soybeans produced in these areas are known for their high content of protein and oleic acid.

It is Non-GMO 100% pure soybean oil without any additives and its color is light yellow, cold processing is adopted to completely remove oxidizing metals, phospholipids, water-soluble impurities (moisture, sugars, resins, mucus), and fat-soluble impurities (colloids, sterols, pigments, odors, hydrocarbons), but it keeps original protein and various nutrients.

cold-pressed soybean oil

At present, most of the soybean oil in market is extracted by hot pressing, the soybeans are soaked and treated in high temperature environment before pressing. This can improves the oil yield, but soybean oil stays deep color as well as has strong smell. Soybean oil is divided into crude oil, filtered oil and refined oil. The Crude and the filtered are yellowish brown with strong smell, the refined is light yellow with less smell. The soybean oil from us is refined and has high content of linoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid for human body, it also has importantly physiological functions. If children lack of linoleic acid, their skin will become dry, scales will be
thicken, and growth will be slow.

Soybean oil has beany flavor caused by linolenic acid and isolinoleic acid. We use hydrogenation to minimize the content of linolenic acid as well as avoid the formation of isolinoleic acid eliminating the‘aftertaste’ during storage. Stored for a long time, the refined soybean’s color will change from light to dark. This is called 'color restoration'. This phenomenon of soybean oil is more obvious than other oils. The oxidation reaction in soybean oil is main reason. We remove the oxidation-promoting metal in the oil after refining, also isolate the oil from the air by filling nitrogen. This takes more cost in refining, but it effectively prevents the oxidation reaction to be guaranteed for three years.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is guaranteed for three years from the date of production if the product is stored in the unopened original container between 15°C - 30°C, protected from light. Because this material is sensitive to oxidation, it is saturated with nitrogen and sealed with nitrogen atmosphere for protection. If containers are opened for sampling, be sure to refill atmosphere with nitrogen. Containers that have been opened should be tested at least yearly to ensure potency. Although Genuine Energy Inc. believes the above information to be accurate based on the information available to us, it is the responsibility of the customer and user of the material to perform its own investigation and due diligence prior to use to verify that the product purchased from us meets their quality requirements and is appropriate for the use to which the product is to be put.

The information provided above shall be considered effective only for the lot with which the information is being provided. Use and purchase of this material is subject to Genuine Energy standard terms and conditions, which supersede any conflicting terms contained on Buyer’s purchase order or any document or instrument supplied by Buyer.
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Our assets and operations in the U.S. are able to provide logistics solutions utilizing all modes of transportation. Through truck, rail, barge, and vessel, our teams are able to deliver grain from origin to locations across the United States, connecting American farmers to domestic markets. At the same time, we deliver high-quality agricultural products to end-users around the world.
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Our wide range of products is available nationwide, with sales focus areas including Ohio, northern Illinois, northeastern Missouri, northwestern Missouri, eastern Nebraska, Iowa, southern Minnesota, southern Wisconsin, and Texas.

With our in-depth knowledge of grain transportation and access to a variety of markets, we are able to work extensively with farmers, and many producers who participate in our Premium Grain Program also receive additional premiums. These tools range from basic cash contracts to innovative pricing alternatives to maximize efficiency in selling products around the world to meet farmers' risk management needs in today's volatile markets.